Sunday, April 20, 2014

Multiple Myeloma "Not Treatable with the Gerson Therapy"

Nobody Really Knew I Had This Idea

According to the Gerson Institute, there is no way to expect results from the Gerson Therapy against multiple myeloma.

They say it right here:

But I Did ...

And that's too bad, because I had been holding onto an idea that I could start - and stick with - the Gerson Therapy as an alternative to chemo / radiation / frontal lobotomy .. or whatever science, medicine and the powers that be want to recommend.

Well; that's out now .. Good thing I thought to check on that question before, you know, just jumping in with both feet. Right?

Hope you are enjoying your Passover, Easter and Spring holidays. We got together with family and friends .. at church .. it was a very good time.

  .. that's all for today,
       - mark

PS - the Gerson Therapy is still a very viable treatment for many other illnesses, even cancer. But not multiple myeloma.

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