Thursday, July 07, 2011

Birthday Week

Today is the birthday of the Loving Lovely Gracious Gorgeous Woman who is my wife. If you have a moment, please send a Happy Birthday to Femi today - we're having the time of our lives. A difficult time in a lot of ways. But we HAVE this time and we acknowledge that every day - we know our time is precious and dear.

So, we're going to have some extra fancy meals, and we will light and blow out teeny tiny candles. Great, huh? We'll bring family and friends close so we can look in each others eyes and hug and hold hands. We'll pray together to give thanks - Big Thanks - and ask that the blessings keep on coming. We sure couldn't do without them.

To my readers, whenever you find this. Thank you for the good words and the great energy you send our way. We really do need it and for sure we appreciate it. Keep it coming!

Time to wrap a present.. gotta run!