Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Happy 4th Second Birthday To Me ....

It is remarkable and wonderful to have 4 year old blood cruising around inside this 47 year old body of mine. The folks who stored my blood cells / gave me the chemo to stop the out-of-control ones / put my own stem blood cells back and nursed me until I was back on my feet again => They call a day like today for a person who did what I did ... A Birthday.

{It just happens to also be my brother Steve's real birthday!}

Kind of a miracle to be completely free of any sign of the degenerate blood cells that went bezerk five or six years ago. The damage that they caused to my bones may still be somehow discovered, but it's not affecting me!

Let's All Raise A Glass!
Let's All Raise A Cheer!
Another Year Has Passed And We're All Still Here!

May God Bless Us All
With More Of All The Best!

[ Oh And More Of The Same Will Be Just Fine By Me! ]

Thursday, April 01, 2010

Neuropathy Is A Pain

That's not a complaint. It is a description. The heels of my feet have gone to sleep. That's neuropathy [ nu-rop-a-thi ].

It comes from being on the dexamethasone for a while. (Dr S says "not so") So I did a clever thing and did not take it yesterday morning. After all, my dosage is all the way down to 1/2 tablet just in the morning. And I called my doctor - Dr S - to check in and make sure that would be okay.

If he didn't think that was cool, I could just pop the half tab in and be back on schedule, right.

Well a nasty grinding headache kicked in around 9:15 am and Dr S didn't call. So I got on the phone and got to speak with Dr R after hours who told me to take the half & call Dr S in the morning.

My heels were awake -- they got to feel nice and lively all the time my head was ready to pop off the end of my neck all day long. About 20 minutes after taking the dexamethasone, the heels started buzzing and then just went back to sleep. And the headache stopped -- just faded right away...

WoW! Drug Interactions Can Be Interesting!