Friday, December 28, 2012

Good News is ... GOOD NEWS!

A PET/CT Scan Made Me Write Again

The greatest pleasure I can enjoy during a clinical examination comes when I get a sneak peek at my results before anyone else has officially seen them. After being a patient for over 7 years, it is no real secret to me what my numbers mean about my condition.

Last week we were looking at a super high-tech image: a misty 3D silhouette of a complete tiny little 'Me.' Everything was visible in various shades of grey in a six inch figure on a high resolution computer monitor. The system expert, Chris, gave me the full show. He rotated it, changed shading, revealed my organs, hid them again, flipped me horizontal and browsed through the slices like a library book. All the vessels, tendons nerve fibers and fluids were right there.

Nothing could hide from the combination of magnetic and radiation sensors.

What we were unable to find was any trace of myeloma. It is nowhere to be found inside me.

It is gone. 
My Cancer is Gone

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Backing Up Before Going Forward

Since I haven't been updating my blog for quite some time, I need to summarize a few things. How I remember my timeline goes like this: Back in August of '10, I got a new set of images that revealed five myeloma lesions. All were new. One on my left scapula/shoulder blade, one on my rib at about the height of my left elbow, one in the center of my spine on the edge of a vertebra, one in a vertebra of my neck and the other one on my right hip. I knew those places. Those were the places where I felt pain.