Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Nearly Two Years

An email from the National Bone Marrow Transplant Link came in this afternoon. In the sidebar was a little offer for patients or friends to call attention to anyone who will be reaching the two year anniversary of their transplant. And I realized that mine are coming up shortly.

My first transplant was the 18th of January 2006 and my second was on my brother Steve's birthday which is the 13th of April. I am a little surprised that the time has gone by so quickly. That must be because the days are going so easily. My health is exceptional and my life is full of real happiness and joy. Pretty neat, huh?

Sporadically, I get notes from people who read this blog and want to post a bit of information on a resource that I've found very helpful. The title of this post is a hyperlink and here is the URL again so you can be sure to get it: http://nbmtlink.org/resources_support/resources.htm

All my best,

- Mark