Thursday, February 05, 2009

Three Years; Already?

Yesterday, I was back at Central Jersey Oncology for another dose of Zometa. The idea is that it will prevent the recurrence of degeneration of my bones. The other benefit is that it reduces the risk of multiple myeloma returning. It's worth getting the IV infusion every few months!

My first autologous blood stem cell transplant was done the 18th of January, 2006. My second was done on the 13th of April that year. There is no sign of cancer in my body. I am healthy, happy and enjoying my life quite a lot. It's a lot of fun being me lately!

So much has changed since I last wrote an update.

You may notice my glasses. Those are for reading & I like them. Somewhere along the way -- actually during my second round of chemo, I think -- I first really noticed problems with my vision close up. I was working on a craft project and couldn't see well enough to do some detail work. I had trouble reading the patttern too. But I put that down to the anti-nausea / anti-anxiety, anti-fungal, anti-biotic, anti-viral, anti-cancer treatment soup that was swimming through my body. And anyway, I was so loopy and freaked out during that second fround, that I just put down my work and gave up without too much thought of it.

But my vision was definitely worse and especially for things close to me. My Dad said, "It's not that our eyes get weaker; it's just that our arms get too short!" That was just how I felt and so Dr Howard over in Highland Park set me up with these handy spectacles. Glad I got 'em!

That is a very minor change, really. Lots of big stuff has changed.

We're Married - Femi & I married November the 8th last year. We have a website about our wedding and for family updates over here: That has been our main focus throughout most of last year. Femi's parents and sister came from the Phillippines to be with us. They came in September and returned home at the end of January. We miss them alot. More family came jut for the week of the wedding. All together, the wedding was a great undertaking and we were well rewarded in the end. Both of us had the time of our life -- so much love and fun and great food all at one time in one place. Many of our guests praised the entire wedding and reception as the finest event they have ever attended. All of us had an extraordinary time together. It Was Amazing!

Our New Home - We now live all under one roof. And that roof has been removed, enlarged and replaced! We are renovating and expanding the house. When complete we will be adding two bedrooms and an office as well as expanding the living room.

Family Life - We live and love each other every day. We enjoy our time together and care for each other gently. Time is passing by so quickly -- it is already nearly three months since our Wedding Day -- the time went by in the blink of an eye. My son lives with us half a week and at his mother's half a week. He is a kindergarden student and proudly announces that his favorite thing about school is Recess.

My Health - Is good; really strong & thriving. Dr James Salwitz at Central Jersey Oncology has been caring for me since I was diagnosed. He gave me a quick once over last week and complimented my overall wellness and especially my efforts to improve my health further. {-- check back here for more about that in coming postings --} He says that my bloodwork and urinalysis results are very good. The MRI of my spine is clear. Once I get my cholesterol checked & get my pelvis MRI done, we'll have a comprehensive status report. ... should be done by the end of next week. I'm expecting more good news all the way. We knocked the cancer down & it may never get up again. Let's hope so.

That's all I have to say about that for now.
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  1. I was just diagnosed this afternoon with multiple myeloma. I am trying to have a positive attitude and blogs like yours make it possible. Thanks for sharing. Peggie

  2. I keep in touch with just a couple people who I've met because of this blog. From time to time, I talk with my family and friends about my experience. As it happened for me, my early diagnosis and aggressive treatment gave me quick relief from my symptoms. Once I went through the nasty and horrible treatments, I quickly went back to my life. Except for regular checkups and ocassional treatments, I almost forget about it.

    Strange, huh?